About George Thomas Jr.

George Thomas Jr.I started doing professional screenplay coverage and analysis in 2011 for small production companies in Los Angeles, including aid+abet, which at the time had a first-look deal with HBO.

In addition to covering feature-length screenplays and television pilots, I also covered manuscripts and graphic novels for their suitability for development as films or television series. Since then I’ve been a contest judge and have been providing freelance screenplay analysis for up-and-coming screenwriters, some of whom have gone on to win screenplay contests and earn coveted recommendations from industry-trusted coverage services.

I studied film and television production at Indiana University, screenwriting at TheFilmSchool, directing with Judith Weston, comedy writing with Ellen Sandler, Steve Kaplan, Robert McKee and John Truby, and story development for all major genres with McKee and Truby.

My diverse professional background includes print and broadcast journalism, online marketing, computer programming, blogging on computer science research, salmon research and traditional Irish dance.

In 2001 I was at the forefront of the digital editing revolution and used a custom-built personal computer to digitize video and edit my award-winning feature-length rom-com, Something Between Us, which won Best Independent Video at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

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