What producers and writers have said about my script coverage and analysis:

“George’s enthusiasm and professionalism were greatly appreciated. George provided excellent constructive criticism on both the quality of the writing and its suitability for adaptation or development…. His specific recommendations on the potential of a project were solid…. He was also able to contextualize a piece of writing within the existing world of film and television, giving a solid foundation from  which to make a decision regarding marketability.”
V.P. / Development, aid+abet

“George provided cogent, in-depth analysis without pulling any punches. It’s obvious that he spends a great amount of time pouring over the script in order to improve it. In this competitive spec market, I would never put one of my scripts into circulation before giving it first to George. His analysis is critical to making sure that my script is as competitive as it can be. Thanks again!”
Chevy Chase, MD

“George gave my script a very careful read. I had shared the script with friends and colleagues before, but George’s analysis was by far the clearest. He took the time to understand not only what was happening in the script but also what I might be attempting as the writer. His analysis spoke to both these points, very directly. George’s analysis was professional, easy-to-understand and very helpful for me. I will definitely seek his services in the future and recommend him to others!”
Brooklyn, NY

“Best I have had so far from people who know about filmmaking, screenwriting and all around know what the hell they are talking about. I was quite surprised and impressed with the extensive amount of thorough analysis. I was not expecting such elaborate details about the cost of the film and the breakdown of the characters, etc. His complete analysis gave me the push I needed and the boost in confindence to believe my film will be a success.”
Puyallup, WA

“I really like that George used examples from well-known films to underline his commentary. Furthermore, George’s work was so clear and well- communicated, I was inspired and challenged by the notes and suggestions, never defensive or frustrated in the face of the more constructive criticism — which can happen in less articulate feedback. THANK YOU!”
Tacoma, WA